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"Expand time by upgrading the belief in what is possible for you. You are worthy of creating & magnetising the life of your dreams. Manifestation is more than affirmations and techniques, it is a quantum shift of your current reality. " - Tegan


Hey, I'm Tegan and I am here to help people just like you Refine their Reality!

I love supporting successful entrepreneurs upgrade and expand beliefs of what's possible by diving into quantum energetics, intuition and manifestation to accelerate  and amplify an abundant life of design. Full of their joy and desires.


My background? I am a Master Manifestation & Transformational Coach and Speaker. Plus the Founder of Soul Quartz.

Before any of that I founded my handmade Jewellery brand Soul Quartz out of a suitcase. I discovered early (while still doing markets) people were coming to me for more than jewellery... it was for connection and wanting to create a more beautiful and upgraded life. 

This inspired me to start coaching and also opening my two retail boutiques which were more than shops, they were beautiful crystal infused healing spaces.

Soul Quartz began when I was inspired to create a space for women to develop their self love and self belief using a combination of energy healing and crystal jewellery. I personally had been through a healing journey; my journey started when I took a leap, after having just quit my job as a travel agent and being diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. I experienced first hand the power of energetics and belief first hand.

Now, I have personally healed fast, grown businesses fast and spoken at events all around Australia about how I created my clear vision and listened to the signs from the universe to go all in!

This all came from the power of belief and tuning into the quantum field to expand what's possible. I share this with you, because if I can do this. You can too.

Now I am on a mission to create a global change; inspiring others to leap towards their vision and leave a legacy life beyond their wildest dreams in business, wellness and in love. 

I’m so grateful you are here.

xx Tegan

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