Become your UPLEVEL + gracefully express yourself and design your reality. Living as a WHOLE & CONFIDENT Woman.

Embrace your magnetic essence to attract aligned connections, opportunities, deeper relationships and a radiantly rich life.

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Did you know... we are all MAGNETIC. You have the power to change your's about holding that Manifestation!


If you are a female leader, have been through the highs and lows of business and relationships; desire more connection & confidence. You are done with feeling pushy, awkward and an imposter.

You feel in your heart that you desire more and know you are more than your body.

You are ready for the quantum leap....

I have something special for you

xx Tegan



A potent 12 week online group for woman who want it all. 

You are ready to become the WHOLE WOMAN. 

 You know what it feels like to be successful, make money and hustle... yet you now desire a new way.

A graceful feminine way to truely surrender and deeply connect to yourself and the magic of life. 


There is an entire reality waiting for you to BOLDLY claim and connect to your essence.

Within this course, you’ll discover :

  • How to speak with confidence and claim your desires
  • Embracing the void and unknown
  • How to create deeper connections and attract synchronistic relationships
  • Become more magnetic in life, relationships and business
  • Feminine and Masculine dynamics and how to¬†use this universal principle to attract a deeper relationship to yourself and others
  • Recognise your unique intuition vs distractions so you can make more easeful decisions
  • How to adjust and prepare your current reality for the quantum leap

After just 12 weeks, you’ll feel like a more deeply connected woman. Tapped into your inner radiance and become more magnetic to what you desire.

Weekly live calls start 26 March 24. 

Book your free discover call below, with Tegan to see if you are a fit. 

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Meet Tegan

Tegan is on a mission to support female leaders to boldly and confidently express themselves to share their gifts with the world. Connect to their essence as a whole woman so they can create deeper connections and become more magnetic in business, relationships and live the life they deeply desire. 


Tegan Mel is a Magnetic Speaker Coach for female leaders; specialising in helping women deepen their magnetism through confidently expressing their essence.  She has toured Australia with the Mind Body Spirit Festival as their Manifestation speaker and event host, along with other in person events around Australia.

Tegan is soon to be featured as an international TEDx speaker.

The original founder of internationally worn crystal jewellery label, Soul Quartz, her brand grew from a handmade market stall to opening 2 retail boutique stores in prominent tourist hubs in Burleigh Heads and Noosa.  

Tegan has supported over 2500 people with her manifestation courses, workshops and events; and her previous jewellery brand sold over 100,000 pieces of jewellery globally. She is a serial entrepreneur and believes expression of your unique essence, bold moves and creating authentic connections is the secret of success. 

Tegan grew up with a lisp and hated the sound of her voice. This all changed when she became the host of a national radio show at age 19 in Melbourne.

Since then, over the last 20 years, she has had many lives from being in the top 5% of sales travel agents globally, launched and ran a hugely successful jewellery brand for 9 years, navigated a thyroid cancer journey,  hired over 20 team members in her retail brand and stocked over 30 local brands. She has also been featured on multiple tourism campaigns including Tourism Queensland and Flight Centre. 

She has manifested 18 international trips and a multitude of opportunities and synchronicities

Tegan loves supporting other female leaders to express themselves to become more magnetic in all areas of life. 

"I love supporting female leaders to show and express their gifts to the world,  by upgrading and expanding their beliefs of what's possible to manifest their desired life." 

Along with the external expression she shows you the power of tapping into your inner expression with feminine intuition, quantum energetics, and manifestation to accelerate bringing your message out  and amplify a rich and radiant life of design, full of their joy and desires."


Fun fact she is also a qualified Master NLP + Hypnosis practitioner, yoga teacher (yes even with goats), travelled to 65 countries.

Tegan is also passionate about creating aesthetic spaces, diving into human design (clearly a ManiGen), sunrise beach mornings, fitness training, personal growth and wellness.