Magnetic Relationships Masterclass

Ever wondered how some people seem to attract the right people at the right time?

Feel like you are in a repeat cycle of attracting the same type of people and relationships?

Are you ready to break the pattern and confidently become more magnetic? 

Discovering the secrets to attracting with ease connections and opportunities in business and work;  becoming a magnet for intimate relationships and friendships.



You are in the right spot!

If you are ready to fold time to tap into the synchronicities of the universe and magnetically design a life of expanding possibilities and opportunities… come join me in this class full of Ah Ha moments. 


In this masterclass you will discover 6 of the many magnetic secrets I’ve personally used to become more magnetic to synchronicities and opportunities in love and business relationships. Plus attract in the right people at the right time. 

An epic 2 hour masterclass with a bonus magnetic question sheet download PDF to help you get clear and uncover any possible blocks holding any magnetism at bay (we discuss this in the class).


I’ve used these exact tools to:

  • Magnetise intimate relationships
  • Be invited to speak on stages + tour across Australia
  • Meet at incredible timing people to stock my shops at the exact moment I was ready
  • Be invited to speak on aligned podcasts
  • Be in the right place at the right time to meet life changing mentors.
  • Be invited to showcase at “hard to get into” music festivals + events like Splendour in the Grass, Byron Blues Festival and Finders Keepers Markets. 
  • Attract in people with the EXACT service I had been looking for
  • Been offered dream jobs
  • Accommodation travelling in beautiful locations at perfect timing through synchronistic connections
  • Attract in my dream customers and clients
  • Grew my handmade product brand to mid 6 figures through magnetic connections with a shop hidden in an arcade in Noosa. 
  • Meet incredible friends through mind blowing synchronistic moments.
  • Have over 8x team members walk INTO my shops at perfect timing before I even put an ad out. 
  • This list goes ON!

Discover the secrets to:

  •  Attract more opportunities and connections at work
  • Becoming a vibrational match to more business connections
  •  Becoming a magnet for aligned intimate relationships 
  • Tap into key manifestation principles to attract the right people at the right time
  • Tap into manifestation secrets to create more synchronicities to leap forward into your dream life.

If you value growth and are ready to uplevel then join me for this incredible masterclass


As a BONUS! You will also receive a CLOSING LOOPS TO MANIFEST QUESTION LIST to help you personally discover the exact spots in your life that’s blocking your magnetic frequency!


Investment: $11 USD / $22 AUD


Much love 

x Tegan



Get instant access to this powerful resource! I get asked all the time by people at events and online "What could be blocking me from manifesting??" 

So I created this. These questions will ask you to dive DEEPER into what could be stopping you unconsciously. 

Get gifted instant access & download when you join the Masterclass. xx   

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